Training Plans

The training plan will outline who will deliver the training, and when and where your apprentice or trainee needs to go to receive the structured component of the training.

A training plan must be devised within three months of an apprentice or trainee commencing their apprenticeship or traineeship and prior to the delivery of any structured training.

Treat the training plan as a working document. It should be flexible enough to meet all your needs.

What to include in the training plan

The training plan must specify the following:

  • the competencies to be obtained
  • the time-frame for achieving the competencies
  • the training to be undertaken
  • the delivery modes to be employed
  • the details (when, how and how much) of the time allocated outside routine work duties is for off-the-job training
  • who is responsible for the delivery and/or assessment of each competency
  • assessment details and arrangements
  • the name of the qualification to be issued
  • any other specific requirements to be met in accordance with the particular training contract in question.

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